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Biking Bis
A blog with articles on bicycle tours, equipment, and personalities and racing and industry news.
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Biking Geert
Race results, news & links.

Brecht Vancoillie's fanpage
I'am a roadcycler, competition, links, stories...

Cycling in Osaka, Japan
Observations on cycling in Osaka, Japan, by a San Francisco cyclist and bike activist.

Funny Bicycle World Records
From Guinness book of records - cycling backwards and playing violin on the motorway 60,45 km ! World record !

Josh Putnam's Cycling Pages
Touring, frame building, maintenance, cycling photos, etc.

Training equiptment forum, daily news, links.

Training equiptment forum, daily news, links.

Scotty BMX
Little kid ABA BMX racer from Maryland.

Steve Kidd
Christian, husband, father, expert mountain biker, and category 3 road cyclist from Texas.

Cycling topics of interest.
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Tips and travelogues of bicycle touring around Japan.
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